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3 Reasons to Choose a Generac PowerPro Elite Dealer




3 Reasons to Choose a Generac PowerPro Elite Dealer

Posted on:30 Jul, 2019 / Posted In: Generac

It’s not easy obtaining the Generac PowerPro Elite designation. Dealers must demonstrate a strong sales record of Generac products, provide excellent customer support and assistance (and receive excellent reviews as a result), and show their ability to maintain an organized inventory effectively. These stringent qualifications are a lot to ask of an ordinary backup generator service, but that’s what sets Generac PowerPro Elite dealers — like the generator experts at Generator Technologies Inc. — apart. When you work with an Elite dealer, you can expect the highest level of service at all times, along with several other benefits that come with the designation. Here are three reasons you should always choose a Generac PowerPro Elite dealer for your generator services.

Proven Customer Service

With homes experiencing an average of 5 power outages a year, you want to make sure your backup generator comes from a tried-and-true manufacturer. However, it’s just as important that you find the right person to install the thing for you, providing helpful support and information along the way. One of the trademarks of a Generac PowerPro Elite dealer is their proven track record of excellent customer service. However, the absence of complaints isn’t enough: to receive this elite designation, dealers must obtain a substantial number of high reviews from their customers. As a result, you’ll know you’re dealing with a knowledgeable, helpful and friendly generator expert.

Best Products and Parts In-Stock

Generators are a key feature for anyone preparing for the worst. From summer thunderstorms the crackling cold of a midwestern winter, the worst weather conditions often result in loss of electricity. Knowing this, many homeowners elect to get their systems repaired and online as quickly as possible. When you work with an Elite dealer, you can rest assured that all of their replacement parts and products are in-stock and inventoried. While lesser dealers might need to order the parts for you, waiting days (or even weeks) for them to arrive, you’ll have a much better chance of picking up your needed parts and products from one of these dealers. After all, one of the criteria for receiving the PowerPro Elite designation is the ability to maintain a reliable parts inventory for their Generac systems.

24/7 Support Services

Things tend to break at the most inconvenient times. And while Generac generators are known for their durability and long lifespan, you still want the assurance of a knowledgeable repairman on-hand to help if something goes wrong. You’ll have that and more when you work with a Generac PowerPro Elite dealer: along with their excellent customer service, Elite dealers must maintain 24/7 support services. That way, you’ll have a local generator expert who can assist you, offering convenient support and repair services so you can keep your home protected at all times.

Contact a Reliable Generac PowerPro Elite Dealer Today!

Given how tough it is to maintain the quality of service, inventory, and availability needed to obtain a PowerPro designation, these dealers are few and far between. Luckily, Generator Technologies Inc. offers all of the perks of their Elite name, along with their many years of generator maintenance, repair, and installation. Contact them today by calling their Chicagoland office, or by reaching out on their website!

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