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3 Signs It’s Time for a New Generator


3 Signs It’s Time for a New Generator

Posted on:30 Nov, 2022 / Posted In: Generac

A standby home generator can make a real difference in your life. With the way the weather can be in the Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland region, it is vital to have another way to power up your home, than just your utility company. Ice, snow, rain and wind storms can all take a toll on the power grid. 

Just like any other piece of equipment and home appliance, your standby home generator will start to show signs of wear and tear as it gets older. You can get ahead of it going out completely by keeping an eye out for these signs that your generator has seen better days.

  1. Stalled startup: The whole point of a standby generator is that it turns on almost immediately after your power goes out. If the last time that it kicked on when the power went out, it was slow, then you should have it looked at and inspected by our GenTec team of experts. We can review if there are any repairs that are needed to your unit that are causing it to have a delayed startup. 
  2. More power: Have you noticed that it is costing more to run your generator as time goes on? Taking any increases out of the equation for the cost of electricity, it should not cost more money to run your generator. If you notice this, it may be that your unit just is not as efficient as it used to be. There are newer models and options from the Generac brand that can save you money in utility bills in the long run. The initial investment of a new unit will pay off down the road.
  3. Many repairs: If you are beginning to know our repair technicians personally because we are at your home so much, then you need to consider replacing your old system with a new standby home generator. You should not be spending excessive amounts of money on repairs. By having your current unit maintained, you can help avoid too many repairs. Our team can discuss what the current status of your unit is and how we can help it last as long as possible.

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