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Got Backup Power?




Got Backup Power?

Posted on:11 Dec, 2018 / Posted In: About

Everyone is talking about how storms seem more fierce nowadays. For instance, hurricanes are now impacting inland as much as the coastline. In the Midwest, tornadoes and high winds have become very common in the Spring and drought is prevalent throughout the west during the entire calendar year.

To avoid having your life come to a sudden halt when the power goes out, many people are hiring companies to install standby generators for their homes. Many homeowners are convinced it is no longer a luxury to install a standby generator in your home; it is a necessity. At Generator Technologies, Inc., we serve many Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana homeowners by selling and installing standby generators.

The Benefits of Backup Power

If you live in an area where outages are frequent and are now lasting longer than a few hours, it is in your best interest to spend the money on a standby generator. Think about it, the money you spend on a standby generator will pay for itself relatively quickly if your power goes out often. Your food is saved, your sump pump works so you do not have a flooded basement to contend with, and your heat or air stays on to keep your temperature comfortable.

Here is what you can expect from a standby generator installed by Generator Technologies, Inc.:

  • Automatic Power. If the power goes out, your standby generator will automatically switch on to provide power to your home. Once your utility company restores the power, the generator will automatically turn off. There is nothing for you to do to turn on or off the generator, which makes a standby generator very convenient for homeowners.
  • Runs Anytime. Imagine the worst case scenario — a winter storm with lots of snow and ice and super frigid temperatures. If you have a standby generator that was installed by the crew at Generator Technologies, Inc., you can rest assured that you will have power and most likely will not have to go outside to get it.
  • Uses Natural or Propane Gas. Depending on where you live and how your gas is connected to your home, that is how your standby generator will work too. There is no refueling to worry about one bit.
  • Consistent Engine Speed. Generator Technologies, Inc. only offers its customers standby generators that can handle varying degrees of load volumes, particularly when several large appliances turn on at once.

Don’t wait for another day to go by and you did not call to find out more about how a standby generator can help you and your family ride out the next big storm.

Find a Generator Installation Company you can Trust

At Generator Technologies, Inc. we are in business to help homeowners find a standby generator, and we install it for you. Don’t delay. Contact us at Generator Technologies, Inc. today to learn more about the great brands of standby generators we sell.

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