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Be Prepared for Power Outages During the Holidays


Be Prepared for Power Outages During the Holidays

Posted on:11 Dec, 2022 / Posted In: Generac

With winter comes the unpredictable weather forecasts that can leave you cold and in the dark. Before the snow and ice start building up at your place, make sure that you are ready if there is a power outage during the holiday season.

  1. Be Winter Ready: Your home needs to be buttoned up for the winter. Take time to put into place the weatherization techniques that you have found work best for your home, such as adding weatherstripping around your doors to making sure your storm windows are down. Larger projects, such as additional insulation, can help your home stay at the appropriate temperature.
  2. Pantry Stock Up: Having easy essentials on hand is a great idea for when winter rolls around. When the roads are not the best or your home is filled with guests, you do not want to worry about not having enough toilet paper, napkins, water bottles and more.
  3. Warm Layers: Have warm and cozy blankets and afghans on hand and stacked up to help your family and guests keep the chill off during the colder season. Easily accessible blankets are essential for holiday gatherings.
  4. Consider Other Power Options: A standby backup generator can offer peace of mind when the holidays are approaching and winter days and nights are here. When your power goes out for any reason, a standby generator will automatically start up and power your place back up. A generator can get going directly after the power to your home goes out.

Experts Can Assess Your Home’s Generator Needs

There are a variety of model options for standby automatic generators. Different generators have different amp transfer switches. The Guardian series is a popular choice and has hands-free backup electrical power for your home or business. This generator’s engine was made specifically for the Generac generators, which are environmentally friendly. Our team at GenTec will provide everything you need if you decide to install a new generator. We will assess and evaluate your job site, provide all of the essential materials, including wiring, piping, grounding rod and gravel, set up your system, test and verify that it is good to go and clean up your property before we leave.

Our licensed, insured and bonded team members have the hands-on experience to get your project completed. We are also available for electrical services, such as an upgrade on your older home’s system or if you are remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. Our crew members also work on new construction projects. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service that we have been providing Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana for more than 20 years. 

If you are ready to discuss a new generator or if you are in need of repairs or maintenance on a unit that is already installed, please let us know through our online contact form.

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