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Benefits of Updating Your Commercial Generator 




Benefits of Updating Your Commercial Generator 

Posted on:31 Oct, 2022 / Posted In: Generac

For many businesses in commercial industries throughout Illinois and Indiana, having a commercial standby generator is an important part of protecting people and profits. However, having a commercial generator is only as valuable as the effectiveness of the generator itself—if the model is outdated, inefficient, or unreliable, you can’t depend on it in the event of an emergency. At Generator Technologies Inc., we know that there are many advantages to updating your commercial generator. Some of the top benefits of updating—or upgrading—your standby generator include:

Improved Safety and Security

With a backup generator, you can keep the lights on no matter what, adding an additional layer of security to your property. Keeping the lights on is also protection from liability and a negligent security claim. In addition to lights, if your property has security systems in place, such as automatic locked gates or security cameras, these too will stay powered on. 

And that’s not all—depending on the type of business you run, backup electricity could power life-saving medical equipment and devices, keeping people safe and well during an outage.

Environmental Compliance

It’s important for your business to meet a range of government regulations and standards, including those set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is regularly updating its standards for generators, and if you have an outdated model, you may be out of compliance with regulations.

Prevents Lost Income

If the power goes out at your business, your employees will be unable to continue working. This means lost productivity and, likely, lost income as a direct result. On the other hand, If you have a standby generator that can provide an automatic source of backup power, your employees can continue on without interruption, protecting your business’s bottom line. 

More Comfort

While things like safety, security, prevention of lost income, and environmental compliance are all things that have logical significance to your business, you shouldn’t overlook the value of comfort and peace of mind that a standby generator can provide. Whether keeping the lights on and providing an enhanced sense of security, or keeping the air conditioning running to keep everyone comfortable and cool, or keeping technology powered so people can remain connected in the event of an emergency—the psychological benefits that result from having power can’t be overstated.

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