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Can Heavy Rain Hurt My Generator? 


Can Heavy Rain Hurt My Generator? 

Posted on:15 Mar, 2022 / Posted In: Generator Installation

Having a backup source of your power for your home can provide peace of mind, and be a great comfort in the event of an outage. But before you invest in a generator, you may be wondering how things like adverse weather, including heavy rains, can impact your ability to use your generator, as well as your generator’s longevity. Here’s what you should know about using your generator when it’s wet out, as well as how to care for your generator long-term. 

Can I Use My Generator in the Rain?

Power outages are likely in adverse weather conditions that include heavy winds, rains, or snow. As such, you may be wondering if you can use your generator when Mother Nature isn’t at her best.

The answer is that it depends on the type of generator that you have. A portable generator should never be used in the rain or when there is moisture out. This is because this can increase the risk of electrocution.

On the other hand, a standby generator is specifically designed to be used in all kinds of weather, and has a built-in cover to protect it from bad weather. 

Will Heavy Rain or Other Inclement Weather Harm My Generator?

You may also be wondering how bad weather could impact your generator long-term. Again, the answer primarily depends on the type of generator you’re talking about. A portable generator shouldn’t be exposed to the elements, as it’s not designed for use in all weather conditions. A residential standby generator that’s connected to your home, on the other hand, is designed to be used in all types of weather, and therefore is more resistant to weather-related corrosion and damage. 

Tips for Caring for a Residential Standby Generator

Just because your residential standby generator is designed to be used in the rain does not mean that there aren’t things you can do to keep it in tip-top shape and extend its longevity. For example, some tips for caring for your standby generator include: 

  • Your generator will perform a weekly self-check—pay attention to this and address anything that is wrong
  • Perform regular generator maintenance
  • Regularly assess your generator for visible damage, such as rust, dents, or debris build-up

Call Generator Technologies Inc. Today

If you’re worried about having a reliable source of power in the event of a heavy storm, it’s best to choose a standby generator instead of a portable generator. At Generator Technologies Inc., we are experts in all things generator-related and can help you to choose the right residential standby generator for you. Call us today for generator installation, repair, or maintenance service. 

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