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What Are the Benefits of Installing an EV Home Charging Station?

As electric vehicles (EV) grow in popularity, many homeowners who have recently made the switch or are considering it may wonder about the feasibility of installing an EV home charging station. The thought of having a personal charging station right…

16 Apr, 2024 / Electrical

What Are the Best Safety Practices for Using Extension Cords? 

Electricity is a fundamental aspect of our day-to-day lives. It powers our tools, appliances, and entertainment devices. However, it comes with risks if not handled properly. One common electrical device that requires careful handling is the extension cord. At Generator…

20 Feb, 2024 / Electrical

Circuit Breaker vs. GFCI: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to the electrical safety of your home or business, knowledge is power. Two essential components that safeguard your electrical system are Circuit Breakers and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI). Generator Technologies, Inc., is dedicated to helping our…

19 Nov, 2023 / Electrical

Don’t DIY: Hire a Professional Electrician

Electricity powers up your home and your life - and it is a powerful force that can cause injury to the do-it-yourselfers who do not know exactly what they are doing! Learning as you go through watching videos does not…

11 Apr, 2023 / Electrical

What to Expect During the Generator Installation Process

Investing in a standby generator is a great way to protect your home, family, or business in the event of a blackout. With a standby generator, you’ll have a consistent source of power even when there’s an outage. If you’re…

20 Aug, 2022 / Electrical

Are Generators Safe for Electronics? 

Installing a standby generator is a great way to ensure power to your home or business in the event of a blackout. But before you install a generator, you may have a series of questions about the safety and efficacy…

30 Jul, 2022 / Electrical

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