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Fun Things to Do When the Power Goes Out

Power outages, while inconvenient, don't have to spell disaster. In fact, they can be the perfect opportunity to unplug, unwind, and engage in some quality bonding time with your loved ones. Generator Technologies understands that nothing is more important to…

12 Sep, 2023 / Generator Installation

How to Hide a Generator With Landscaping

While your whole home standby generator may not be super unsightly, it really does not add any element of beauty to your yard and property! There are ways to help conceal it with a little help from some landscaping tips…

08 Aug, 2023 / Generator Installation

Safety Tips for a Power Outage

When your power goes out, you need to weather the storm with your family in as safe of a manner as possible. Even if you are locked up tight with your family, there are some safety tips to keep in…

25 Apr, 2023 / Generator Installation

Don’t DIY: Hire a Professional Electrician

Electricity powers up your home and your life - and it is a powerful force that can cause injury to the do-it-yourselfers who do not know exactly what they are doing! Learning as you go through watching videos does not…

11 Apr, 2023 / Electrical

How Often a Residential Generator Should Be Serviced

You rely on your standby home generator to kick on and be there when your power is not. While it is not in use often, it plays a vital role in your daily life and can impact it positively or…

28 Mar, 2023 / Generac

What Causes Power Outages?

While your family definitely knows the results of a power outage and feels the effects as they impact your daily life and activities, what is often behind the outage itself?  Here we delve into some of the top reasons that…

27 Feb, 2023 / Generator Installation

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