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Choosing the Right Size Generator 




Choosing the Right Size Generator 

Posted on:29 Sep, 2022 / Posted In: About

Keeping your home or business powered is an important part of protecting yourself, your family, or your employees. But understanding how a generator works, what different types of generators are available and most effective, and how much power you’ll need can be confusing. At Generator Technologies Inc., we can help you to select the right size of generator for your home or business based on your energy needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about selecting the right generator for you and in the meantime, refer to the following for information about selecting a generator based on size. 

Types of Generators: Portable vs. Standby

The first thing that’s important to understand about selecting a generator is the types of generators that are available. There are both portable and standby generators available.

A portable generator is something that can be moved, as its name implies. As such, these types of generators are great for camping trips and outings where you’re worried about having a source of power. They can also provide emergency power in the event of a storm.

A standby generator isn’t portable; it’s stationary and connected to your home’s electricity grid and, usually, connected to a natural gas line. The biggest difference to know between a portable vs. a standby generator is that a portable generator won’t be able to power your whole home, and also won’t be able to provide power for multiple days at a time. A standby generator, on the other hand, is a reliable source of power that can last for days, power your whole home or business, and will kick on automatically. 

Choosing the Right Size of Generator for Your Home or Business

If you’re thinking about a standby generator for your home, the next consideration is what size of generator is right for you. The larger the generator you purchase, the more electricity output you’ll get and therefore the more in your home or business you’ll be able to power in the event of an outage. 

Different tools and appliances in your home have different electricity demands, and understanding these demands is a good place to start. Most people want to keep their fridge running and lights on at the very least; others may also want heating and cooling, a sump pump, or other electronics, such as a TV, to stay powered. It’s important that you outline what you’ll need to work in the event of an outage and how much energy these appliances require. 

How Generator Technologies Inc. Can Help

To learn more about what size of generator your home or business needs, reach out to our professionals at Generator Technologies Inc. today. We are experts in the industry and can guide you through the different makes, models, and sizes of generators available. Call today to get started. 

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