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Bourbonnais Generator Repair

Bourbonnais Generator Repair

Making Quick Work of Your Generator’s Problems

Our GenTech Bourbonnais repair technicians have experience repairing and maintaining 95% of standby residential generators on the market and are fully licensed, bonded, and factory-trained to get to the bottom of your generator’s issues. We can quickly diagnose and fix the problems of almost any generator out there, and we will make sure to work on your schedule for the soonest and most convenient repair work.

Rural Areas Affected the Most by Power Outages

In some parts of the state, power outages occur not once per year but half a dozen times or more. Rural areas are much more likely to experience power outages because there are more trees per customer that can take down a power line, and fixing an outage generally takes much longer for the same reason. More miles of power line per customer means greater damage overall and more lines to fix. In fact, co-op power providers, which usually deliver power to rural areas, are more than twice as likely to suffer power outages than urban areas. The average co-op customer, who is likely to be in a rural area, experiences a total of nearly 300 minutes (or five hours) of power outage a year in the U.S. when major storm events occur, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. In that span of time, food in the fridge will spoil, frozen meat and other goods in storage freezers will go bad, pipes can freeze in the winter and burst, sump pumps can fail and flood the basement, and well users will have to go without water.

Contact GenTech Repair Crew Today

A large storm can take out your power for hours or even days at a time. You know this, after all, since you purchased a standby home generator. Now that your generator is having problems, its entire function is either put at risk or gone completely. It is time to take immediate action and call the GenTech repair workers of Bourbonnais. Our crews will get your generator back up and running as soon as is humanly possible because we know what is at stake in the event of another upcoming power outage. Call us today at 708-672-6251.

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