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Elmhurst Generator

Elmhurst Generator

Have you heard people talking about how they just installed a standby generator at their home and are wondering if a generator would benefit you too? Are you concerned about the price? Indeed, no one would argue that purchasing a standby generator is more of a big-ticket item for your home, but the benefits arguably outweigh the cost.

At Generator Technologies Inc., depending on the size of the standby generator, our costs for the generator and the installation starts at about $3,100 and goes up to $6,900, plus tax. At first glance it may seem like a big expense, but in the long run, it ends up being worth every penny spent.

What Does a Standby Generator Do?

A standby generator is a backup power source for your home. It is hooked up to your gas line, which is underground and rarely has any service interruption. A standby generator serves as your power source and will keep the power on in your whole house or part of your home, depending on the size of your standby generator. At Generator Technologies Inc. our technician will thoughtfully explain all your options when it comes to selecting the best generator for your needs.

A standby generator works as follows:

  • Your generator system will always be checking the incoming power to your home from the utility line outside.
  • When your generator recognizes that the utility power has been interrupted, the control system in the generator will tell the generator to begin operating.
  • Your standby generator features an automatic transfer switch that will close the utility line and will open a new power line from the actual generator.
  • In essence, your generator provides electricity to your main distribution panel through the automatic transfer switch.
  • When the utility line voltage is usable again, your generator system will then put the electrical load back to your utility line. At this time your generator will run for a few more minutes so that the engine can cool down. Your generator will reset itself and will be ready to do the same thing when the power goes out in Elmhurst again.

A generator is an excellent investment for you in Elmhurst. You will never be disappointed with your purchase. When the power goes out, you will have what you need to stay warm or cool depending on the time of year. Contact us at Generator Technologies Inc. near Elmhurst so we can talk about your generator today.

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