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Generator Installation in DuPage County

Generator Installation in DuPage County

Thank goodness power outages are relatively random and do not occur every day. When the power goes out, even for only a few minutes, it often puts everyone in the house in a tailspin because we rely so much on our household appliances. And for some reason, when the power does go out, it is on cleaning day when every machine in the house will be used  — the washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven, and vacuum cleaner. Not to mention the TV for music to listen as the cleaning begins.

Don’t let a power outage keep you from cleaning day. At Generator Technologies, Inc. near DuPage County, we have been installing and repairing standby generators for 15 years. We are experts at selecting the best system for your specific circumstances because we take into account the physical and amp footprint size of your coverage area, and the systems most important to be managed. Once that is done, we recommend the best and most cost-effective system that will handle all your needs.

Top Reasons for A Power Outage

If you were to ask your local power company, what are the  top five reasons for outages for outages the company spokesman would say:

  • Equipment failure — Just like your car, power equipment can become faulty due to old age, an accident or burnout.
  • Storms — Wind, lightning, ice, rain, and snow can wreak havoc on power lines. In very severe weather, the actual poles can be knocked down, which will take some time to repair.
  • Wildlife — Squirrels and birds are looking for a warm place to stay or looking for more food. Sometimes they get near a generator and can cause a temporary shut down or even a complete shutdown of the power system.
  • Tree limbs — Particularly during storms tree limbs can fall on the power lines and knock them down, making them unable to deliver power.
  • Public damage — Many times a car accident or construction accident can down pole lines or equipment.

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So many factors can cause a power loss in your community. Of course, you will know there is a possibility of a power outage when severe weather hits your area; however, you will not know have an idea that the power will go out because of an accident or an equipment malfunction. When you install a standby generator, you will never have to worry about what will happen if the power goes out for any reason. Imagine your standby generator will automatically switch on and provide power to your home.

At Generator Technologies, Inc., we have been installing generators for over 15 years and have the experience and excellent reputation you would expect from a long-time DuPage County business. To learn more about our installation and standby generator repair services and what we can do for you, please feel free to contact us by email at, or call us directly at 708-672-6251.

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