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Generator Installation in Lisle

Generator Installation in Lisle

Did you know that power outage has a hefty price tag of over $150 billion per year? That figure indicates the power goes out a lot. Think about it, when the power goes out everything comes to a halt — nothing can be done — no laundry, no surfing the internet, no cooking, no flat ironing your hair. In this day and age, it is challenging to do nothing. You can do something about it though. You can get a standby generator installed in your Lisle Home. Generator Technologies, Inc. has been selling and installing generators for several decades and would be delighted to sell and install one for you too!

How to Select the Best Standby Generator for your Lisle Home

There are so many options for just about everything nowadays that sometimes it can be difficult to know where to turn. You will not have to worry about which standby generator to choose when you work with the team at Generator Technologies, Inc. They will give it to you straight and will share their expertise with you from the start. First, they will ask how old your home is to make sure your electrical system is where it needs to be not only for a standby generator but for all the appliances you use in your Lisle house nowadays. Then they will find out if you need limited or full power to you Lisle home.

You will need to determine how much power you will need, such as

  • Keep your refrigerator, freezer, garage door operational.
  • Make sure the sump pump is working 24/7.
  • Power most of the home as usual.
  • Provide backup power for short-term or occasional outages
  • Ensure that the power will be on after awful weather downed power lines for days.

What is the Timeline for Generator Installation?

Typically most generator installation projects will span three days or less. A generator weighs about 450 pounds and will be placed outside ideally near your Lisle home’s electrical and gas meter. Your new generator will most likely be placed on gravel more than 5 feet from a window per manufacturer’s recommendations. We will provide the specifics once we review your generator installation needs.

Contact us for Your Generator Installation Today

Your Lisle home should be safe from the damages that can incur during a storm.  At Generator Technologies, Inc. look to us to provide you with an in-home estimate for your new automatic generator system. Be confident in our employees as they are factory-trained and licensed, bonded and insured so you can rely on their expertise. Contact us for more information, either by phone at (708) 672-6251, or email us at or send a note online on our website. We will be in touch with you soon and can answer any of your questions about a standby generator.

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