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Generator Installation in Palos Park

Generator Installation in Palos Park

It’s a new year, and it’s time to gift yourself with expert standby generator installation from Generator Technologies Inc. They have been providing Palos Park residents and business owners with standby generator installation for more than 15 years. You can only go right when you work with Generator Technologies Inc. because their customers rave about the quality products and services they provide. You too will get the same kind of service.

Right now picture yourself in your Palos Park home, or business and the power goes out. What happens? When the power goes out, everything comes to a complete standstill. If at home, you can’t finish the laundry or cook a meal. If at work, you can’t operate machinery or work on the computer. The day drags, and you feel nervous. Nowadays power outages are more common than ever before.

What to do When the Power Goes Out!

When the power goes out, and you have not yet had your standby generator installation, what are you supposed to do to keep you and your family safe? Here are a few universal tips that will help you during a power outage:

Candles. It seems like a good idea to light candles for light; however, they can start a fire. It is recommended that you should use flashlights to illuminate an area.

Gas burners. If it is cold, you may think that if you turn on the gas burner on the stove, it will get warmer in the room. The issue is that when you turn on the burners for extended periods, you risk the possibility of increasing deadly carbon monoxide fumes. It is not a good idea. Get more blankets.

Appliances. Be sure to turn off or unplug electronic equipment and appliances so that when the power does come back on, you will avoid a power surge in the house.

Fireplace Screens. If you have a wood fireplace and use it often, be sure to put a metal screen over fireplace openings which will catch the sparks and ashes created by the fire.

Generator Technologies Inc. is only a phone call or a computer click away. Contact them to schedule a time they can come out to meet with you, talk about your power needs then they will come back with a free estimate. Their crews are insured, licensed and bonded.

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Contact Generator Technologies Inc. for your standby generator installation in your Palos Park home or business. Schedule an appointment by either calling us directly at 708-672-6251 or filling out the contact us form on our website. We always respond quickly to our website requests.

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