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Generator Repair Company in Frankfort

Generator Repair Company in Frankfort

A standby generator is a helpful tool that can provide you peace of mind in the event of a power outage. Especially if your business or your livelihood depends on electricity, a malfunctioning generator in the event of an outage is something you simply cannot afford. In order to prevent the worst from happening, checking your generator on a regular basis and seeking repairs in the event of any problems is necessary.

At Generator Technologies Inc., we have been working with generators for more than 15 years and are experienced in providing our Frankfort customers with the assurance that their generator is running as it should.

What’s Wrong with My Generator?

Common problems that we see with generators are a generator refusing to turn on, a generator failing to connect to a home or business’ power grid, or a generator turning on or off while in operation and failing to deliver necessary power. Fortunately, the majority of these problems stem from very fixable issues such as:

  • A dead battery – Most battery failures are due to the buildup of lead sulfates on the battery, although a broken charger, poor connections, and more can also be the cause of battery issues.
  • Fluid leaks – Just like a car, your standby generator operates thanks to the use of a number of fluids, including oil, fuel, or/and coolant. Most of the time, leaks occur as a result of damaged hoses or overfilling of the base tank. The best way to prevent leaks is regular maintenance.
  • Water and air damage – If water or moisture get inside your generator, especially within fuel lines, moving parts and pieces can suffer damage. Another issue that can cause generator failure is an air bubble getting into the fuel system. This can happen when a generator is not run on a regular basis, and can, fortunately, be prevented by starting the engine once a week on a regular basis.

Of course, the problems above are the most common types of generator problems but are by no means the only generator failures our team sees. Broken belts and hoses, plugged radiator cores, control system problems, circuit breaker issues, and more can also cause system failure.

Can I Repair My Generator Myself?

Standby generators have a lot of working parts and while a DIY repair approach is possible, our professionals don’t recommend it unless you are knowledgeable in generator operation. In most cases, calling a professional for generator repairs in Frankfort is the better choice. Professional generator repair is:

  • Safer. While repair a generator isn’t necessarily a dangerous job, it should be noted that working with electricity, fuel, and moving parts does have the potential to be risky. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you may be putting yourself in harm’s way by attempting to repair the generator on your own.
  • Less expensive. You may be trying to repair your generator yourself in an effort to save money. And while this tactic may be successful if your repairs work, it’s not uncommon for untrained persons to make the problem worse, ultimately resulting in an increase in costs for new parts and labor. Save yourself time, headache, and potentially money by calling a professional in the first place.
  • Efficient. Finally, you want to know that your generator is ready to power your home or business in a blackout. When you work with a professional company like Generator Technologies Inc., you won’t have to think twice about whether or not your generator will be there for you when you need it.

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