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Generator Repairs Hinsdale

Generator Repairs Hinsdale

If you’ve bought a generator and had it professionally installed, there is a good chance that you don’t know whether it is still working or not. After all, the events that necessitate the use of a generator are far and few between — colossal rainstorms, severe wind, widespread blackouts, and ice storms may result in the need for a generator, but none of these occur very often throughout the year. As a result, your generator could well break, with you none the wiser! With a few simple steps, you can check your generator, then get in touch with experienced generator repair technicians. All you need to do is search “generator repairs Hinsdale,” or give Generator Technologies a call today. We’re the region’s generator experts, and we can help you with anything from installation to repair!

Checking Your Generator!

While knowing if your generator is broken or not can be a guessing game, there’s no need for that. Instead of rolling the dice the next time a severe winter storm — or a springtime thunderstorm — comes through your area, use a quick test to determine if your generator is working or not. Simply turn off your main circuit breaker to the house. This will turn off all power in your home, simulating a power outage and triggering your standby generator. As soon as you flip the switch, you should hear your generator turn on. Then, after a minute or so, power should be restored to your house. However, you should let your generator run for a few minutes before turning your power back on — that will give the generator time to warm up, and you can observe if everything is working correctly. 

Broken Generator? No Trouble!

If you notice anything peculiar during your test — from odd noises to an utterly unresponsive generator — it’s time to look up Generator Technologies at “generator repairs Hinsdale”. Our generator specialists have been performing repair services throughout the region for many years, and we know our generator systems like the back of our hands. From there, we can suggest the best course of action — whether that is repair or a brand-new installation. We also understand that not everyone has the chance to check their generator before the bad weather hits. If you need emergency generator repair, you can call our 24-hour emergency helpline, and one of our specialists will be on the way to restore power and protection to your home!

Our Generators

If it is necessary that you buy a new generator, or if you don’t have one installed yet, consider shopping with us! We carry all of the following brands, and can help get your home or business outfitted for the bad weather that is sure to come our way at any given time.

Give us a call today to learn about any of these brands and how they can help you stay safe and comfortable through whatever situations life may bring.

Contact Generator Technologies Repair Specialists

To get your generator fixed and ready to roll, give us a call at our Illinois office, or drop us a line on our website. We look forward to answering any of your generator-related questions. You can also search for us at “generator repairs Hinsdale”, and clicking through our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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