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Northwest Indiana Generator Repair

Northwest Indiana Generator Repair

No machinery lasts forever without regular maintenance and repair work. The same is true even for standby generators that are relatively infrequently used. If your residential generator needs some fine tuning or a full blown gutting to get back in working order, our professional Northwest Indiana GenTech repair men and women are the ones to whom you should be talking. Experienced in 95% of residential standby generators out on the market, our Orlando Park GenTech technicians are factory-trained, bonded, licensed, and capable of getting to your home quickly for repairs that are dependable when you need your standby generator to pull through on split second’s notice.

We Understand Your Standby Generator Needs to be Functional at All Times

Here at GenTech, we believe that there should be no exception to the rule that your standby generator must be functional at all times in case of a power outage. Common reasons our customers come to us for a quick and professional repair includes their dependence on power for the following:

  • Refrigerators and Freezers: The food within freezers and refrigerators can withstand a few hours without electricity as long as they are left shut throughout the duration, but no longer than that. For those who stock a large amount of meat and other perishable goods, a long power outage can easily result in hundreds of lost dollars. When surveyed, hunters recently responded “for the meat” when asked what the main reason they hunt is, as reported by the Denver Post. Having a freezer full of meat is not only valuable, it is cost saving. Hunters in particular, or those who purchase a portion of a cow, could easily lose an entire freezer full of organic, expensive meat that would have fed their family for a whole year, all due to one power outage.
  • HVAC Systems: The summer heat (and winter cold) can not only be unpleasant without your HVAC system, it can be downright dangerous. Whether you depend on your heating or cooling for health reasons or general comfort, a long power outage can cause problems without a properly working standby generator; and
  • Building Code Requirements: Small business owners and large offices alike must abide by certain building codes that require standby generators for fire and other emergency systems, lighting, elevators, and more.

Contact GenTech Repair Crew Today

We offer full repairs and maintenance at competitive prices with professional quality. Our technicians are capable and comfortable working on almost all models of generators, whether they were installed by us or another company, and whether they were purchased online, at Lowe’s, Farm & Fleet, Home Depot, or anywhere else. Call today at 708-672-6251.

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