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Common Reasons Your Generator Won’t Start




Common Reasons Your Generator Won’t Start

Posted on:22 Aug, 2023 / Posted In: Maintenance

Your generator stands ready to help when your home’s power goes out, but this time it does not start. Our team at Generator Technologies has gathered some of the reasons that your unit may not be kicking on when it should.

  1. Low on fuel: First and foremost, check to see that you have enough fuel in the tank to get your generator going. Gas-powered generators also may not be able to kick on when there is stale or old field in the tank. You may need to drain the fuel and add fresh fuel to get it started.
  2. Or oil: You also need to check on the amount of oil that is in your generator as it is vital to keep your engine moving and working properly. While many generators do have a sensor to alert you to any oil issues, you should still check with a dipstick before seeing if it is another problem. 
  3. Battery charge: Your generator’s battery or connections may be the reason for the lack of power. You can charge the battery and if your generator still will not start, then the problem has been isolated to your battery.
  4. Choke control: The carburetor in your generator’s engine needs to have regulated air flow in order for it to run properly. There needs to be the correct mix of air with fuel. A cold engine should have the choke closed and when the engine warms up, the choke can be opened fully. 
  5. Air filter clogs: If your air filter is clogged with dirt and debris, it will also prevent the right amount of air from flowing into the carburetor. Air filters can be easily identified as dirty and replaced.
  6. Spark plugs plugged: After checking these areas, you may be dealing with spark plugs that are dirty. Your spark plugs need to be replaced if they are clogged up with dirt or debris that cannot be removed or if there are signs of damage. If you are unsure of how to change spark plugs, contact our team for any generator repairs or maintenance.
  7. Carburetor or fuel valve clogs: Your carburetor can become clogged from old gasoline and if your carburetor is clogged, your fuel valve is also more than likely clogged. You can check your fuel line by unplugging your fuel hose with a bucket nearby to catch any leaks. If gas is not flowing, then you have a clog in your fuel line. 
  8. Faulty sensor: Your oil level sensor may be malfunctioning and signaling that your generator is low on oil. You need to ensure that your generator is properly placed outside your home on a level surface so that the sensor does not misread the oil level. Part of our installation process is properly placing your unit at your home.

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