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Comparing Standby vs. Portable Generators 




Comparing Standby vs. Portable Generators 

Posted on:19 May, 2020 / Posted In: About

If you live in Illinois or Indiana, then you never know when you could lose electricity. Whether from an emergency situation, such as an accident, a storm, or a serious natural disaster, it’s best to be prepared for a power outage. In order to ensure that you still have electricity when the lights go out, investing in a generator is a smart decision. But as you think about your generator options, you may be wondering: Should I choose a standby generator or a portable generator? What’s the difference, anyway?

Comparing Standby vs. Portable Generators: What’s the Difference?

Portable and standby generators both have some clear advantages over the other and, as a homeowner, it can be hard to know what’s best.

  • Portable generators. As their name might imply, portable generators are not only unmounted and able to be moved, but they’re also for short-term use. These types of generators provide a quick and easy source of power for a home, but aren’t meant to be used for a long period at a time. Instead, they are best for very small homes or when your home just needs a very quick start-up, but won’t need power for hours or days. One benefit of portable generators is that they are relatively inexpensive. 
  • Standby generators. Also called pad-mounted generators because they are not portable, standby generators are better for homeowners who have larger energy needs (i.e. larger homes or a desire to run more appliances in the event of a blackout), as well as those who want the peace of mind of both automatic and consistent power. When a standby generator is hooked up to a home, it will turn on immediately when power is lost – there’s no further set up required (this is in contrast to portable generators, which will not power on immediately). These generators can also run indefinitely when hooked up to a home’s natural gas system, which means that there’s no need for a homeowner to be constantly fueling the generator. One downside of a standby generator, when compared to a portable one, is that standby generators are usually more as expensive. 

Talk to a Professional About the Generator that’s Right for You

If you’re not sure what type or size of generator you need for your home, the best way to get more information is to reach out to a generator professional who can answer your questions. At Generator Technologies Inc., we are more than happy to discuss your generator needs with you and handle all generator installation needs should you decide to purchase a standby generator. Call us today to learn more about our generators and our services!

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