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DIY Generator Installation: Not Worth the Risks




DIY Generator Installation: Not Worth the Risks

Posted on:16 Nov, 2022 / Posted In: Generator Installation

We all enjoy saving money and the feeling of a hard home improvement project completed successfully. But there are some projects that you should not tackle on your own as they could end up costing you more in the long run. Installation of a new standby home generator is best left to the trained experts who know what they are doing. 

What Can Go Wrong With a Do-it-Yourself Installation

If you have purchased your own generator and are ready to get it into place, slow down and think about how installing it yourself can be dangerous and costly. If you do not know what you are doing during the installation process, you could damage the new generator, which is an expensive piece of equipment. If you miss a wire or have loose ends during installation, you could cause a short circuit or complete breakdown of the generator unit itself. Of course, working with electricity can be dangerous. Our team at GenTec is licensed, bonded, insured and most importantly trained as experts to work with electricity and generators. By taking on an installation and working with electricity yourself, you could injure yourself with even minor contact with electricity. We have years of experience, training and knowledge as well as the safety gear to properly handle installing your new generator.

Beyond personal injury, property damage is another concern of working with your own generator installation. If an installation goes wrong, it could prompt a fire or explosion or other issue with your home’s electricity. You could also cause costly repairs through backfeeding. This can occur when wiring is done incorrectly. When power from your generator is pushed back into the grid, it can cause numerous dangerous scenarios.

Let Our Team Handle the Project

Our GenTec crew members can review your property and put together a no cost and no-obligation estimate to put in your new generator – whether you purchase it from us or another retailer. We take you through the whole process from start to finish. Our team takes care of the pre-evaluation and placement of your new generator. We will handle all of the wiring, piping, grounding and gravel, system set-up and testing of your new unit. We will verify that everything is good to go and clean up the area before we leave. Once your new unit is in place, we can maintain it throughout the years, by working with you on a maintenance strategy. If an issue happens with your generator, contact our team to take a look and we can do any repairs that are needed. 

We are also experts in residential electrical systems. If you need an upgrade or have a new project, let us handle your electrical needs safely. If you are ready to get going on a generator or electrical project, reach out to us through our online contact form

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