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Do Backup Generators Help With Solar Power? 




Do Backup Generators Help With Solar Power? 

Posted on:24 Dec, 2023 / Posted In: Generator Installation

As solar power continues to gain traction, the question of reliable backup power during outages becomes more pressing. Our team at Generator Technologies, Inc., is here to shed light on what you need to know about integrating backup generators with solar power systems. Here’s what you should know about using solar panels alongside a standby generator.

Solar Power and Backup Options

Rooftop solar panels are an increasingly popular method of generating electricity. However, contrary to popular belief, having solar panels does not necessarily mean you’ll have power during a blackout. Solar panels generate power only when the sun is shining, and even then, they may not produce enough energy to fully power a home. The solution? Backup generators.

How Backup Generators Work With Solar Power

A backup generator can provide power when your solar panels cannot. During a power outage, the utility grid shuts down for safety reasons. At this point, your solar panels cease to supply power. Here, a generator steps in, providing a temporary source of energy until power is restored.

However, it’s important to note that while solar panels and generators can complement each other, they cannot function simultaneously. When the generator is in use, your solar panels will not provide power. 

Choosing the Right Generator

Selecting the right generator is crucial. Generators come in various sizes and can run on different types of fuel, such as gas, diesel, or propane. The right choice depends on your specific needs and circumstances. Be sure to consult with a professional to ensure you choose a generator that can adequately power your home during an outage.

Integrating Generators With Existing Solar Systems

When integrating a generator with an existing solar system, several factors must be considered. These include the size and capacity of your solar system, your home’s energy requirements, and the type of generator you choose. It’s essential to work with a qualified professional who can guide you through the process and ensure a seamless integration.

The Benefits and Drawbacks

Backup generators offer reliable power during outages, ensuring your home remains functional when the grid goes down. In addition, they can provide peace of mind, knowing you’re prepared for any power disruptions.

On the downside, generators can be costly to install and maintain. They also produce emissions, which can be a concern for those seeking environmentally friendly solutions.

Why Choose Generator Technologies Inc.

Generator Technologies Inc. recognizes the importance of reliable, automated standby generator systems. We install most brands of generators and provide all types of electrical repairs and upgrades. Our team emphasizes the value of owning a backup generator system, especially for homes with solar power systems.

We aim to make generator installation accessible to as many homeowners as possible. Our aim is to minimize the effects of power outages, ensuring you have a reliable source of power, no matter what.

Contact Our Team to Discuss Your Options

While solar panels are a great source of sustainable energy, they may not generate enough power for your home during outages. Integrating a backup generator with your solar power system provides a comprehensive solution, ensuring you have power when you need it most.

Our team at Generator Technologies Inc. is here to guide you through the process of selecting and installing the right generator for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve reliable, uninterrupted power.

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