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Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrades

When you use any electricity in your home, your electrical panel goes to work to prevent overloads and maintain your family’s safety. When an electrical panel isn’t working as it should, it can cause many problems and present dangerous hazards. 

Older electrical panels cannot always handle all of the new gadgets and appliances that we use daily in our homes in today’s world. It might be time to upgrade your electrical panel, and you can trust the licensed electric professionals at Generator Technologies to resolve this matter for you. 

Signs It’s Time for an Electrical Panel Upgrade

Your electrical panel connects the power lines and meter outside your home to the various electrical devices and outlets throughout your house. If it is not working properly, the circuit breakers might not trip and cut off power if there is an overload. 

Overloaded circuits can cause problems with your electrical panel – or it might just be old enough that it’s worn out and needs a replacement. Watch for some signs that you need work on your electrical panel:

These are not the only signs of an outdated electrical panel. Further, you might have problems if you have made upgrades to your home involving any new appliances or electrical systems, such as heat or AC, but you did not upgrade your electrical panel accordingly. 

Never ignore possible problems with your home’s electrical panel. If you do, a circuit breaker may fail to trip when necessary. This can lead to serious problems, damage, and injuries. Someone in your family might suffer an electrical shock, or you might even have smoke or fires from wires overheating and melting. 

Electrical Panel Upgrades vs. Repairs

When you seek help from our team of knowledgeable electricians, they will inspect the problem and advise you of your options. Sometimes, you can get repairs on your panel instead of fully upgrading to a brand-new system. This is based on our inspections, the energy demands of your home, and the age and condition of your current electrical panel. 

If safe repairs are possible, we might replace certain components of your electrical panel and system or rewire your panel. We might suggest relocating your panel away from moisture or other conditions that might cause problems. Sometimes, however, a full upgrade and replacement are necessary for you to have reliable and safe electrical support systems in your home. 

Do You Have Concerns About Your Electrical Panel? Contact Our Licensed Electrical Experts

Generator Technologies will be open and honest about what you need to have a safe electrical system for your household. Contact our team today for an inspection and quote!

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