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Meter Box Replacement

Meter Box Replacement

You probably do not give much thought to your electrical meter box outside your home. While you might watch your electric bill, you likely don’t consider the meter box to be a concern. However, these meter boxes need regular inspection and maintenance to ensure your home’s electrical systems are running smoothly, efficiently, and safely. 

If you need assistance with your electrical meter box, or you have ignored the meter for years, you should never wait to reach out to the licensed electrical professionals at Generator Technologies. We handle these matters efficiently to ensure your family’s safety and comfort in your home. 

The Importance of a Properly Working Meter Box

Your home’s meter box plays a vital role in the performance of your household. This component measures how much power you have coming from the local power grid into your home. The power company uses your meter readings as a basis to bill you for your energy use. Problems with your meter box can lead to unnecessarily high electric bills, and it can also cause hazards in your home in some situations.

Meter Box Inspection and Maintenance

Meter boxes should never be an afterthought. They require proper installation and configuration, and they must meet all local safety regulations and codes. For example, your meter must be located far enough away from your home’s structure and properly installed in the ground. It must be grounded to prevent electrical interference and potential issues to your house’s structure. 

Because your meter box must be outdoors, the ever-changing elements, climate, and weather conditions of the Midwest can cause damage to an old and outdated meter. A replacement can help ensure that your meter box can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and conditions as the seasons change. 

Other things that can cause damage to your meter box include:

Additionally, simple wear and tear over time can compromise your meter box if you do not have it properly inspected and maintained by professionals. A damaged meter box can not only increase your electric bill, but it can also present a severe risk of electrical accidents and even electrocution to members of your household. 

To protect you and your family, schedule regular maintenance for your electrical meter. You should never try to do work on your meter box alone, as it can be highly dangerous. Leave this to licensed and experienced electrical professionals. 

Fortunately, if you are in Illinois or just across the border in Indiana, you can count on Generator Technologies to take care of all your electric meter box needs. We can inspect the current state of your meter and advise whether you need maintenance, repairs, or a complete replacement. 

Speak With Our Team of Illinois Electricians Today

If your meter box needs attention, or it has been some time since you had an inspection, never wait to contact Generator Technologies for help. We will be open and honest about what you need to have an efficient and safe electrical meter system, and we can conduct all repairs and replacements. 

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