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Generac Automatic Standby Generator System

Because Our Lives Depend On Power…

Everyday things we might take for granted, such as heat, air conditioning, refrigerators and freezers, lights, and daily tasks like laundry, cooking, and showering, rely on having power in your home.  Power failures are happening more often than they ever have, and lasting for long durations with frustrating effects, such as flooded basements due to no power to the sump pump and frozen water pipes bursting due to no heat from the furnace. Many people need power for necessary medical equipment or it will fail to function, endangering a life.  Be prepared for unpredictable weather situations and an unforeseen power outage with the name people trust the most in residential and commercial standby power – Generac.  If you do lose electricity, your Generac standby generator will turn on automatically, in approximately ten seconds – safeguarding you and your home or business 24/7/365.

With Generac Home Standby Generators being the #1 Top Selling Systems On The Market, There is no need to feel “Powerless” Ever Again!

Guardian Series

The Guardian Series by Generac is the home standby generator that 80% of families and businesses have chosen to have installed.  Guard your home and business by selecting the best 24/7 backup automatic power of a Generac generator.

  • Hands-free automatic backup electrical power for your home or business….you don’t even need to be home, it turns itself on!
  • After your unit senses a ten second loss of power, your generator will turn itself on and your life will continue on as if there isn’t a power failure.
  • Powered by Generac’s OHVI® engine – This design was made specific for our generators. This engine will outlast our most of our competitors’ engines and has a life 3 to 4 times as long.
  • Our generators offer a much easier install and the best investment for your hard-earned money available – and many of our models come packaged with a transfer switch that is already pre-wired.  Every single model we offer includes a mounting pad.
  • TruePowerTM Technology provides seamless functionality to your expensive, and sensitive, appliances and electronic equipment.
  • Quiet-TestTM mode will do a self-test on a weekly basis that’s far quieter than other other brands and ensures that the unit is working properly.
  • These are the most friendly generators to our environment that are available today, and they consume a much lower amount of fuel,  releasing far fewer emissions than other manufacturers.

The Superior Standby Generator Of Choice

Quietsource Series

These exceptional features are standard functions that come along with our premium standby generator. This is all due to the low-speed engine; it’s so extremely quiet you may forget that you even have a generator — but when you have a power outage, it’s there, automatically!

This is the optimal system for larger residential or small to medium commercial businesses and facilities.

  • Low speed, automotive type of liquid-cooled engine runs at a mere 1800 rpm when a power failure occurs for a much quieter generator, improved fuel efficiency, and a long engine and alternator life.
  • Extremely quiet, extremely efficient, patented Quiet-Test mode for the weekly testing function that is quieter than any other brands, consumes a lower amount of fuel helping to assist in making your Generac generator the most environmentally friendly unit available today.
  • The aluminum all weather housing enclosure gives the system extreme protection from the weather and other elements. Aluminum’s typical resistance to deterioration will extend the life of your generator and is even recommended for coastal locations with salt-air.

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