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Generator Installation Frequently Asked Questions:




Generator Installation Frequently Asked Questions:

Posted on:08 Sep, 2020 / Posted In: Generac

Have you been thinking about installing a generator for your home but have questions about the process? Did you recently buy a generator but haven’t yet had it installed? Are you unconvinced that you even need a generator? If you have questions about generator installation in Illinois or Indiana, our team can help you to find answers. Consider some of the following frequently asked questions that we hear, and call us directly if you have questions that you don’t see listed below–

Can Generator Technologies Inc. Install My Generator if I Purchased it Somewhere Else?

One common question we hear is whether or not we can install any generator, including one not purchased at our location. The answer is yes! We have years of experience and are confident in our ability to install nearly any make or model of generator, including those purchased from other retailers or directly from the manufacturer. If you haven’t yet purchased a generator, though, we have different brands and models for sale. 

Do I Really Need a Generator Installed?

Whether or not you need a generator depends on where you live, your risk of a power outage, and the consequences of a blackout for you and your family. If you depend on electricity-requiring medical equipment or devices for your life or wellbeing, then a blackout could be devastating. You may also choose to have a generator installed if you want the peace of mind that if power is lost, the lights will be kept on in your home. If you have questions about the benefits of generators or what size generator you may need, please call us directly. 

Do You Provide Free Estimates?

We know that choosing to install a generator is a big decision, as well as an expensive one. Before you make any commitments, though, we’re more than happy to provide you with a free estimate. All you have to do is call our team or send us a message telling us more about what your needs are and we can schedule an appointment from there. 

What Does the Generator Installation Process Look Like?

We strive to make the process as easy and straightforward for our clients as possible. When you choose us for generator installation, we will perform a full site assessment, handle 100 percent of the installation–including providing equipment, labor, and materials, test your generator to ensure it’s working, and perform a full site clean-up upon completion.

Call Generator Technologies Inc. Today

Do you have more questions about the generator installation? If so, we can help! Please feel free to call our team at your convenience or use our online form to send us a message and tell us more about how we can be of assistance.

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