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How Generator Technologies Has You Covered




How Generator Technologies Has You Covered

Posted on:10 Aug, 2018 / Posted In: Our Blog

Regardless of where you live the potential for brownouts and power outages are always a possibility. If those outages occur as a result of heavy snowfall and thunderstorms you especially don’t want to have a faulty generator as “roughing it” can easily be prevented by contacting Generator Technologies. We are here to help you through life’s storms repair your home or commercial standby generator.

Experienced Technicians That You Can Trust

Our business is standby residential and commercial generators.  All of our repairs are performed with strict adherence to code, standards and technical conditions. Our experienced and skilled technicians will complete a full analysis on your generator to determine what needs to be repaired and then provide a solution to the problem. Even if you have a generator that we didn’t install, don’t worry, we are experts in knowing what needs to be done to get your generator running correctly. Generational Technologies Inc. is here for you.

We Provide a Variety of Generator Repairs

At Generator Technologies Inc. we offer quick and efficient repairs to a variety of different makes and models. In addition to being licensed dealers and installers of the Generac residential and commercial generator systems, we also service other brands as our Gentec team of certified technicians have years of training and experience. We are ready to solve any problem your system can experience. Some of the home based generator repairs we perform include:

  • Alternators;
  • Broken belts;
  • Hoses;
  • Coolant system flushing;
  • Thermostat;
  • Clean radiator fins;
  • Spark plugs;
  • Engine filters;
  • Fuel & fuel lines;
  • Lubrication;
  • Starting mechanisms;
  • Transfer switch.

The First Sign of a Problem. Call Us!

If you start to notice a performance issue with your residential or commercial generator, you may be tempted to put off your repair appointment for a later date. Please don’t hesitate to call us at the first sign of a problem. Postponing your generator repairs may leave you stranded without power during the next outage and may compromise the safety of your standby generator.  The following are some of the common problems you may encounter with your generator:

  • High coolant temperatures
  • Engine wear and tear
  • Oil, fuel, and coolant leaks
  • Low fuel alerts
  • Fuel delivery problems
  • Dead batteries
  • Electrical wiring problems
  • Damaged control boards
  • Rodent and weather damage

Whatever difficulties arise with your generator, we can take the needed steps to correct the issue to get you powered up so you can carry on with your daily activities.

Contact Generator Technologies Today

Our goal at Generator Technologies Inc. is to provide you with the best service possible. We are experts in all things related to residential and commercial generators and are prepared to provide you with the technical advice and assistance you need. Please don’t hesitate to contact our trained experts today at 708-672-6251 or send us a message using the contact form. Our team at Generator Technologies Inc. is here to assist you when the expected happens.

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