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How Does a Generator Even Work? 




How Does a Generator Even Work? 

Posted on:07 Jan, 2022 / Posted In: About

If you are thinking about installing a home standby generator, you may have questions about how a standby generator even works and what to expect once one is installed on your property. At Generator Technologies Inc., our team will not only handle your generator installation, but will also answer all of your questions about maintenance, functioning, and more. Please reach out to us today for all of your standby generator questions and services in Illinois.

Generators 101: How Generators Are Powered

All generator types need a fuel source for power. This fuel source could be:

The fuel source is responsible for powering the mechanical energy source that is necessary to create electricity. The mechanical energy source is usually a motor, and it is rotated by what’s known as an armature. An armature is the core of a conductor coil. As the motor turns (again, powered by a fuel source named above), the conductor coil (connected to the motor by the armature) is rapidly rotated between the poles of a magnet, creating electricity through electromagnetic induction. Pretty neat!

How a Home Standby Generator Works

So, now that you know the basics of how electricity is created in a generator, how does a standby generator actually power a home?

First, a residential standby generator almost always runs on propane or natural gas—in fact, your standby generator may be connected directly to a natural gas line, ensuring that it has plenty of fuel to run in the event of a blackout. 

In addition to your standby generator being connected to a fuel source, it also needs to be connected directly to your home’s electrical grid. 

When your generator senses that power to your home has been lost, it will kick on, pulling fuel in order to create electricity through electromagnetic induction. Note that your standby generator will turn on automatically—you don’t have to do anything to get power.

Once the generator is on—which only takes a matter of seconds—it will begin supplying power to your home. The generator can remain until power to your home from the electrical grid returns.

Learn More About Standby Generators Today

To learn more about standby generators and how they work, or to get a quote today, please call Generator Technologies Inc! We look forward to working with you.

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