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How Often Should You Test Your Generator?




How Often Should You Test Your Generator?

Posted on:16 Mar, 2021 / Posted In: Generac

Home and business owners with standby generators don’t have to worry about a loss of electricity in a blackout; with an automatic standby generator, power will immediately kick on. But without proper maintenance and testing, a generator may not perform as expected. At Generator Technologies Inc., we can answer all of your questions about generator maintenance and repairs, including how often you should test your generator. Here’s what you should know–

Why Is Testing a Generator Important?

Just like the engine of your car, testing your generator and letting the engine run now and again is useful for a variety of reasons. First, by running the generator you know that it is working. Second, running the generator keeps things lubricated. If your generator has a battery, which most do, then running the generator also charges the battery. Finally, turning on your generator is also great for making sure that your carburetor is running smoothly. 

So How Often Do You Need to Test it?

Testing your generator a few times a year is a good rule of thumb. If you can, every three to four months is generally plenty. When you turn it on, you should let it run for 10-20 minutes, just to give it enough time to really get all the parts moving and oiled up. You also want to make sure you run it long enough to allow it to reach operating temperature. 

Do You Need a Professional to Test Your Generator?

The good news is that testing your generator is something you can do completely solo at home. Just turn your generator on and let it run. You should call a professional though if you notice any of the following:

  • Your generator won’t turn on;
  • Your generator won’t stay on;
  • You notice any strange smells or sounds;
  • You notice any damage to your generator–something you should be checking for every time you do a test run–like frayed wires or rust. 

Generator Technologies Inc. Has You Covered with Repairs

Testing your generator a few times a year is a good way to make sure that when it comes time that you actually need your generator, you can count on it. At Generator Technologies Inc., if you notice that anything isn’t working with your generator, or if you need generator maintenance (which should also be performed regularly), call us directly. We offer a range of generator services and can get you scheduled ASAP. To learn more, reach out at your convenience.

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