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How to Hide a Generator With Landscaping




How to Hide a Generator With Landscaping

Posted on:08 Aug, 2023 / Posted In: Generator Installation

While your whole home standby generator may not be super unsightly, it really does not add any element of beauty to your yard and property! There are ways to help conceal it with a little help from some landscaping tips and tricks.

Think it through: Before you start adding any greenery or planting anything new, you need to make sure that you have a plan in place. Your generator needs to be functional as it sits and you cannot block it too much as it will need to be accessed for regular maintenance and possible repairs. You can talk to our team at Generator Technologies if you have concerns or questions about adding anything around your unit.

Close it off: A new small section of a pretty fence can be a creative way to help conceal your generator. A picket fence style or lattice look can be a great way to cover up your unit. You can add foliage that likes to climb to your lattice fence panels, such as climbing roses or vegetables. A privacy fence will fully enclose your generator and can be painted or stained to match your home. Just make sure there is a gate to provide access.

Plant some greenery: You can add to your landscaping by planting shrubs, small trees or ornamental grass near your generator. You need to keep in mind that your selections should not have a deep root system, so that they do not interfere with any underground cables or the electrical components around your unit. Boxwood or arborvitae are good options. Ornamental grass provides more flexibility as it can be trimmed or cut as needed if it gets in the way or accessing your generator.

Put in place potted plants: If you want greenery, but are worried about the root systems or how the shrubs may grow, you can plant your flowers in decorative planters or pots and have the ability to move them around. Having something lighter will allow you to move them around as needed.

Rocks may be the answer: Decorative rocks or stones are another avenue to help conceal your generator with the flexibility to move them around. A rock garden can be another landscaping element on your property.

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