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How to Prepare for an Electricity Blackout 




How to Prepare for an Electricity Blackout 

Posted on:26 May, 2020 / Posted In: Generator Installation

Losing power for a few minutes as a result of a big storm isn’t uncommon. What is rare, though, is a blackout that lasts longer than that. And for some families and business owners, an extended blackout that lasts for even an hour or more can be devastating. In order to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, being prepared for a major electricity blackout is important. Here are some tips for prepping your home or business and staying safe:

Stock Up on the Essentials

One of the most important things to do in order to prepare for any type of emergency, including a blackout, is to make sure you’re stocked up on all of the essentials. This includes, at a minimum, enough non-perishable food items to feed you and anyone in your household for a few days, plenty of water, essential medications, and toilet paper. It’s also a smart idea to have a first-aid kit on hand, as well as extra batteries, blankets, warm or cool clothes (depending on the season that the blackout happens), and extra gasoline should you need to travel anywhere by vehicle. 

Invest in Lighting

If your home loses electricity, it will also lose light. This can be problematic, unless you plan to go to bed as soon as the sun goes down (which is very early in the wintertime!). In order to ensure that you’re not in the dark literally in the event of a blackout, invest in emergency lighting. This might include solar lighting, flashlights, candles, and battery-powered lights. Make sure you have enough lights for all of the rooms in your house, or/and flashlights for everyone in your home. 

Install a Standby Generator

If you don’t want to have to worry about living without electricity–and certainly if you cannot afford to because you rely on electricity to run your business or power life-saving machinery or equipment–then your best option is to install a standby generator on your property. A standby generator is automatic, which means that as soon as it senses that power to your home has been lost, it will kick on and begin powering your home within a matter of seconds – you don’t have to do anything

Call Generator Technologies Inc. for Help Preparing for a Blackout

If you want to be prepared for an extended loss of electricity to your home or business, our team at Generator Technologies Inc. can help. Call us today to learn more about the standby generators that we sell and install, as well as how to select the right generator for your property. Reach us today by phone or online to get started. 

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