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How to Prepare Your Generator for Winter




How to Prepare Your Generator for Winter

Posted on:23 Feb, 2021 / Posted In: Home

Standby generators, like other machines and appliances, require regular maintenance to ensure that they are operating smoothly. One of the most important times to perform maintenance is before a change in seasons. Before winter, then, there are a few generator maintenance steps that you should take to prepare your generator for the cold weather. At Generator Technologies, Inc., we can guide you through steps to take to prepare your generator for winter. Here’s what you should know–

Cleaning and Inspection

The first thing that you should do when preparing your generator for winter is simply to clean and inspect your generator. This is something that you can do on your own, or you can call our professionals for assistance. Remove any debris that you see around the generator, including twigs, leaves, grass, and other build up. Wipe down your generator to remove dust and grime. Make sure that there is no debris blocking the air vents. As you remove dirt and debris, visually inspect for loose wires, damaged wires, corrosion, and any other signs of damage. If you notice anything, call a repair specialist immediately.

Oil Change

The second thing that you’ll need to do once you’ve completed a visual inspection and cleaning of your generator is an oil change. When the season changes and temperatures drop, you’ll want to change to a winter-grade oil. This is because lower temperatures will cause the oil in your generator to thicken up, almost congealing, which makes it much more difficult for the engine to start. You can remedy this simply by changing the oil to a thinner oil that is designed for winter use.

Regular Winter Checks

Before winter hits, as well as during the winter season, you’ll want to perform regular generator testing and inspection on four important components of your generator. These are:

  1. Spark plugs. The spark plugs are named as such because that’s the role they play – creating a spark that ignites the engine. Lubricate the pistons and inspect your spark plugs regularly.
  2. Air filter. Regularly changing your air filter is an easy way to improve the lifespan of your generator. Replacing the air filter is an easy, DIY task that our technicians can guide you through if you have any questions.

Call Generator Technologies, Inc., Today for the Winter Maintenance and Repair Services You Need

If you have questions about winter generator maintenance, or if you notice that your generator isn’t working as it should, you can call our technicians at Generator Technologies, Inc., for all of the winter maintenance and repair services you need. We look forward to working with you.

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