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Importance of Commercial Generator Maintenance




Importance of Commercial Generator Maintenance

Posted on:14 Mar, 2023 / Posted In: Generac

Your company’s commercial generator is quietly waiting in the background to take care of business when you need it most! When there is a big storm that knocks out power at your place, the safety of your employees and clients as well as the daily operations of your business can come into question. By having your generator in tip-top shape, you do not have to worry about being left in the dark and potentially losing time and money if you do not have the power to run your business. 

Stave Off Dangerous Conditions

A top reason to keep your generator tuned up is that you do not want to create any dangerous conditions or spots in your company. If your generator is not properly maintained, it could become a source of stress and anxiety. A poorly working or maintained unit could be a risk for shock or accidents. It also could become a place where there is a leak of carbon monoxide. 

By keeping an eye on your generator, you can also feel at ease that there is not a large potential for a fire or other accident around your unit. Improperly maintained generators could have leaks or weak components that could spark a fire.

Save Money on Repairs

We all know that it is important to pay for maintenance and repairs as we utilize our more expensive pieces of equipment around our businesses and homes. While we do not always think about our generators as they are silently waiting to kick on, it can become more expensive to repair or fix larger issues that could have been caught with a maintenance plan or strategy in place. When it comes to generator maintenance, it is truly important to spend money to save money in the long run. 

Our trained technicians at Generator Technologies have been working on standby generators in all settings for more than 20 years. We are highly trained to inspect units and systems to uncover current or potential problems. Our offerings include preventive maintenance inspections as well as system monitoring to keep your generator on track and properly working.

No Power to Work

Obviously, your top concern and worry when your power goes out and your generator is not kicking on is the fact that you do not have power at your place. The whole point of a standby generator is for it to be your backup when you need it most. It cannot power up your company if it has lost efficiency or energy capacity by not being maintained. When weather hits, you want to be able to rely on your generator to gear up and help your business run and employees be safe.

Contact our Team For Maintenance

At Gen Tec, we have on our crew the licensed, bonded and insured professionals to help. We are available through our online contact form.

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