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Why It’s Especially Important to Have a Generator in the Wintertime




Why It’s Especially Important to Have a Generator in the Wintertime

Posted on:10 Dec, 2019 / Posted In: Generator Installation

During all months of the year, the knowledge that you have a standby generator that can supply your home with power in the event of a blackout can provide peace of mind. But during the wintertime, having a generator can be especially important. Here are some of the top reasons why having a standby generator to supply your home or business with power during the winter is key–

Warmth Matters

While heat can definitely be dangerous, being too cold and not having heat within the home can be uncomfortable, dangerous, and even risky for certain family members, such as babies and the elderly. If temperatures dip to the single digits, you can still heat your home if you have a standby generator ready to go. 

Hot Water Is Critical

Just like having heat, hot water can also make a big difference in terms of feeling comfortable and secure. Hot water can also be used to bathe, as well as prepare instant foods (like oatmeal) that may be inedible otherwise. 

Freezing Pipes Are a Risk

If temperatures drop too low and your home doesn’t have heat, the risk of freezing pipes is very real. If pipes freeze, they can burst, resulting in expensive repairs. When temperatures are especially cold out, keeping the heat on and running the water is highly recommended. 

You’ll Stay in the Know

During a serious winter storm or another emergency that occurs during the wintertime, being able to connect with others via cellphone and email, as well as receive the news, is critical. With a standby generator, you can make sure that your gadgets are powered and that you’re plugged into all that’s happening around you. Being able to plug-in can also provide a source of entertainment. 

Practical, All-Season Reasons

In addition to the above, note that there are some other practical reasons for having a standby generator on your property that extend regardless of the season. For example, with a generator, you can ensure that your refrigerator is powered, that any medical devices or equipment are powered, and that you have working appliances. 

Learn More About the Importance of Standby Generators

You can keep your business and your family protected by installing a standby generator on your property. To learn more about how standby generators work, for help in selecting a standby generator, or to schedule a standby generator installation in Beecher, reach out to our team at Generator Technologies Inc. We offer the highest quality generators on the market and handle installations from start to finish.

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