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Prepare Your Business For Power Outage


Prepare Your Business For Power Outage

Posted on:06 Feb, 2023 / Posted In: Generac

Preparation is truly vital to keeping your cool and calming employees when an emergency, such as a power outage strikes. Since we never know what Mother Nature has in store for us, we have suggestions on how to prep for a power outage before it happens to help ease your employees’ anxieties.

Team approach: Having a team in place to address emergencies when they occur can create a sense of control when unpredictable weather hits. This team can include a range of employees and leadership that can create a crisis response plan that is shared with employees and reviewed for changes as needed.

Weather policy: HR has many policies in place that help your business run smoothly. An inclement weather policy can accomplish the same thing. A policy that is created and disbursed to employees can help everyone stay aware of what needs to be done. Possible topics to include in a policy are: what leads to a closing, how will employees be notified, how can employees best communicate when they are affected by bad weather and how is compensation or time off affected.

Clear expectations: To cut down on confusion and stress, employees should be clear on what to expect when a power outage hits during or before work hours. The plan specifically for power outages should cover notifications, running the business as much as possible, getting back to work when the power has been restored and when they should return to work. 

Education elements: Employers should also offer key ways to handle a power outage for employees to maintain their own personal safety. During a power outage, you should have your essentials nearby, stay warm when it is extremely cold, have food and water on-hand and have a home emergency kit prepped and ready to go.

Final clarification: After you have as much in place as possible for your company’s emergency or crisis plan, make sure to discuss with managers or through a staff meeting so that everyone is on the same page. You want to be as clear as possible so that there is not a barrage of questions when the power outage occurs. Key topics to go over more than once are safety and scheduling. You want everyone safe and you want everyone to understand how the interruption in workflow affects compensation.

Standby Generators for Your Business

If you have consistent power outages at your business that interrupts the daily operations, installing a standby generator can be a smart investment for your company. Our Generator Technologies crew members can review your needs and budget and determine the ideal Generac system for your place. Our installation process covers everything you need and our team is always licensed, bonded and insured. Our crew members are not sub-contractors and have years of experience and expertise. We can answer your questions via  our online contact form.

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