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Preventing Flooding This Spring




Preventing Flooding This Spring

Posted on:21 May, 2019 / Posted In: About

With the spring in full swing, and summer right around the corner, life may feel worry-free. The winter chill is long gone, and now you have outdoor barbeques, swimming and a long baseball season ahead. With your spring cleaning list well underway, you’re ready for anything life may throw your way.

Well, almost anything.

Where the winter snows have passed us by, all that precipitation has become rain, instead. And whether you prefer rain or snow, there is one unpleasant side-effect that always comes with the afternoons spent inside watching the rain pour down. We’re talking about flooding, of course! Luckily, from picking up a reliable standby generator to fixing your gutters, there are plenty of ways to hedge your bets against the inevitable spring and summer storms.

Fix Your Gutters!

Nobody likes standing on a ladder and pulling out gooey gobs of leaves leftover from last summer. But when the rain starts to fall, you’ll be happy you did! Your gutters are an essential part of your home’s defense against flooding — they direct rainfall off your roof and into a safe area. Thus, instead of all the rainfall ending up in a vulnerable, flooding-prone part of your house — or accumulating near your windows — you can rest easy knowing the water is going where it belongs.

Getting your gutters scooped and fixed is a crucial item for anyone’s spring cleaning checklist, and an afternoon of hard work can provide an entire season of stress-free rainstorms.

Get a Backup Generator

So you’ve got your sump pump. If you don’t have a sump pump, get one right away, because these are the last thing keeping your home from flooding badly during these seasons. However, severe storms — the kinds that tend to cause flooding — also tend to knock out power lines. And how, exactly, is your pump going to work without power?

Easy: get a backup generator. A standby generator plugs directly into your existing electrical setup, and will sense when the lines go down, automatically kicking on and providing you with all the power you need. Not only does the generator keep your pump going, but it will also keep the rest of your home going, especially if things take a turn for the worse.

Stay Aware of Potentially Dangerous Flooding

At the end of the day, certain forces of nature can overwhelm us, despite our best efforts to resist. If you’re in a flood-prone area, and you are hit with a particularly nasty storm, staying aware of the situation as it develops can be the difference between life and death. Keeping aware covers more than peeking out your window and checking the water level in your garage — put your standby generator to good use and check the TV and radio for important updates, or call others to check in.

However you slice it, it is best to know what is coming down the line, especially during an event as dangerous as widespread flooding.

Flooding This Spring

As the spring mud begins to dry with the summer sun, your chances of severe flooding will become lower. However, it is hard to know exactly what spring has in store for you until it’s well and truly over. And even then, the summer thunderstorms are nothing to take lightly!

Getting a backup generator in Chicago Heights can help you prevent the worst side-effects of flooding, keeping your pump running and letting you stay aware as the situation develops around you. Get in touch with Generator Technologies today to learn more about our reliable, affordable standby generator installation.

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