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Propane vs. Natural Gas Generators: What’s The Difference?


Propane vs. Natural Gas Generators: What’s The Difference?

Posted on:26 Jun, 2023 / Posted In: Generac

Your whole home standby generator fuels up your home with power when there is an outage, but which is the best way to fuel up your generator? Propane or natural gas are the two ways that your generator can be powered up. Our Generator Technologies team breaks down some of the key differences here for a more informed decision.

Natural Gas Connections

If your home is already connected to a natural gas line, then it makes sense to put your whole home standby generator on this source as well. Utilizing an energy source already available would make your installation process smoother. Today’s generator models are more energy-efficient and safer than ever before. They are safer for the environment and your family as they have fewer emissions than previous models. They also consume a lower amount of fuel. 

Whether you have purchased your own standby whole home generator unit or are purchasing it from our sales team, you do not have to worry about the gas hook-up or installation process. Our trained technicians take care of all of the components of installing your generator. The process is all covered by our licensed, bonded and insured crew members. We will check out your home and property and discuss your natural gas connections in order to determine the best place for your unit. We will bring along your wiring, piping, grounding rod and additional system hardware. Once your system is set up, we will test it and verify that it is good to go. We will clean up the area, and you will have a project estimate ahead of time to be in the loop.

Propane Possibilities

If you are considering a propane-fueled generator, you will have the plus of using a more energy-dense product, but it will cost more to use propane. If you do not already have a connection to natural gas at your home or property, it could be too expensive to add this, so a propane unit could be best for your place. Propane is also easily and safely stored on your property as a fuel source.

Let Our Experts Be Your Guide

We understand that a new generator is a large investment, and we are here to assist with your decisions and make sure you are properly guided throughout the process. Different sizes of generators are made for different sizes of homes or businesses. If you do not want your entire home powered up, then we can discuss the size of your amp footprint.  Once your system is installed, we can help with routine maintenance. You want your generator working and ready to go when you need it! If any issues surface, such as strange noises or noticeable damage, we can repair these as well. If you have any specific questions, our team is happy to help through our online contact form.

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