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Surprising Industries That Require Backup Generators 




Surprising Industries That Require Backup Generators 

Posted on:18 Oct, 2022 / Posted In: Maintenance

For both homeowners and residential businesses throughout Illinois and Indiana, having a backup source of power may be essential in the event of an outage. While a backup source of power is always a convenience, it may be an absolute necessity for businesses in a variety of industries that would otherwise suffer lost profits and potentially lost products as a result of a power outage. Consider these surprising business types and industries that require backup generators, and reach out to Generator Technologies Inc. directly today if it’s time to request a quote for commercial generator installation

Indoor Farms and Greenhouses

If you’re growing something, particularly something indoors, having a backup source of power may be critical to keeping your plants—and therefore your products and profit—thriving. Indeed, many indoor grow houses use large amounts of energy for their operations, particularly in the form of high-intensity lighting and, sometimes, air-quality control measures. If power is lost, lights and air quality systems may go down, resulting in a loss of optimal growing conditions.

Ski Resorts

Ski resorts depend on an unbelievable amount of power to maintain smooth operations. For example, ski resorts may need energy to run snow-making machines, keep lifts powered, and provide electricity and hot water to various amenities, such as ski lodges and other guest areas. While ski areas depend on power, they are also at high risk of power loss—snow storms, cold temperatures, ice, wind, and even animals could all jeopardize the power grid. Having a backup source of power that can kick on automatically if power from the grid is lost is essential. 

Food Service Businesses

For food service businesses, having a backup source of power should never be a question. The vast majority of food products that are unprocessed—and many of those that are processed—require refrigeration in order to stay fresh and prevent the growth of bacteria that cause foodborne illness. For businesses in the food service business, a loss of power—which means a loss of refrigeration—could have devastating results. 

Install a Standby Generator for Your Commercial Business Today

If your business is in one of the above-named industries or in another industry type that can afford a power outage that lasts for hours or days, investing in a standby generator is wise. At Generator Technologies Inc., we have been installing, maintaining, and repairing commercial standby generators for businesses in Illinois and Indiana for years and have the experience you can trust. To learn more, call our team directly today or send us a message online to request your free quote. 

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