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Things to Consider Before Installing a Generator




Things to Consider Before Installing a Generator

Posted on:31 Aug, 2022 / Posted In: Generac

Installing a standby generator on your property is a great way to protect your family in the event of an outage, and is something that many people without reliable access to electricity should consider. Businesses also have an interest in installing a standby generator—without power, operations could be severely stymied. If you’re thinking about installing a generator on your property but aren’t sure if it’s for you, here are a few things to think about—

Your Energy Needs

One of the first things to think about is the amount of energy you use and the amount of energy that’s absolutely necessary to your wellbeing. How much energy you use will not only determine the size of generator that you need should you choose to purchase one, but your energy needs will also determine whether you need a generator at all. For example, if you or someone in your home depends on life-supporting medical equipment that is powered by electricity, then having a standby generator that provides an immediate source of power in the event of a blackout could be critical. 

Generator Placement

Another thing to think about is where on your property you’ll place the generator. Generally, generators are placed relatively close to the home, as this is a more cost-efficient method (generators that are placed far away will require more electrical wiring to connect). However, there also needs to be plenty of clearance around your generator, and if you have small children or pets, you should think about how they might be affected by generator placement. 

Fuel Storage

All generators need a source of fuel in order to properly operate. If you have natural gas on your property, then connecting the generator to the natural gas line is the preferred fuel source. However, if you don’t have natural gas, then you may need to bring in a propane tank for storage, which can make the project more complex and expensive. 


Of course, you should always consider your budget and weigh the costs of a generator against any pros of having a generator. Don’t forget to think about fuel costs and maintenance, too. 

Noise and Aesthetics

Finally, consider the noise that a generator produces, as well as whether you will mind the look of it in your yard. If you have any neighbors, how might they feel about it? For residential homeowners, the Generac Quietsource Series is recommended as a much quieter option. 

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