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Top 5 Generator Problems




Top 5 Generator Problems

Posted on:02 Mar, 2021 / Posted In: Generac

For businesses and homeowners throughout Illinois and Indiana, having a working standby generator can provide a lot of peace of mind. Should a blackout happen, you can take comfort in knowing that you’ll be able to keep running appliances and the lights. But generators, just like other machines, do experience breakdowns that require repairs. Here’s a list of the top five most common generator problems. To learn more, or to schedule standby generator repairs, call Generator Technologies Inc. directly today. 

1. Fluid Leaks

Leaking generator fluids can result in your generator being low on the stuff it needs to wrong, but it can also be a big mess and an environmental hazard in some cases. Common fluids to leak include fuel/propane, coolant, and oil. Usually, leaks can be prevented by performing regular maintenance and making sure that hoses are kept in good condition. 

2. Failure to Turn On

If your generator isn’t powering on, this is a big problem and one that you should get fixed immediately. Failure to kick on when there’s a power outage could be a result of the generator not being turned on auto, or it could be a bigger issue. If moving the switch to “auto” doesn’t do the job, call a repair person immediately. 

3. Dead Batteries

The most common generator failure is a battery failure. To avoid this, perform regular maintenance and make sure that batteries, chargers, and cable are all maintained in good condition. If your battery fails, though, don’t be too concerned – this is really common and will happen with time. 

4. High Fuel Level

Too high of a fuel level may activate the fuel level alarm, which is designed to prevent overfilling of the tank. The high fuel level alarm might go off because it’s defective and needs to be replaced or, possibly, because the fuel level rises as a result of thermal expansion, triggering the alarm. The good news for standby generator owners, though, is that this is a relatively easy, low-cost fix that isn’t indicative of a bigger problem. 

5. Broken Fuel Gauge/ Low Fuel

Finally, if your generator isn’t turning on or won’t stay turned on, it could have something to do with your fuel level, even if your fuel gauge is registering as full (or full enough). Fuel gauges break pretty routinely, resulting in bad reads. Check your fuel level manually if this happens and talk to a professional about replacing the fuel gauge. 

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If you are having any issues with your standby generator, our team can help. To learn more about common generator problems and generator maintenance and repairs, call us directly today. 

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