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Types of Businesses that Absolutely Need Generators


Types of Businesses that Absolutely Need Generators

Posted on:28 Jan, 2020 / Posted In: Generator Installation

Investing in the installation of a standby generator may seem like a luxury. But for many businesses throughout Indiana and Illinois, having an onsite standby generator that will kick on in a matter of seconds in the event of a power outage is a necessity. Indeed, for many businesses, a lack of power would mean huge financial losses. At Generator Technologies Inc. we recognize how critical power is for many businesses operating in the state where we serve, and we want to help. Consider these types of businesses that absolutely need generators, and call us directly for generator installation services you can trust–


While eating out may not be a necessity and restaurants could surely shut down without running the risk of lost lives in the event of an emergency that resulted in a power outage, for the restaurant itself, a loss of power could represent a huge loss of profits. Not only may the restaurant be unable to serve customers, but it may also be unable to safely store food without refrigeration, resulting in significant profit losses. 

Data Centers

A data center is responsible for storing data, often data that is critical, personal, or sensitive. Often times, data storage depends on electricity in order to operate – the days of filing cabinets are long gone! If electricity is lost, a system could crash and crucial data could be lost. 

Financial Institutions

Just as filing cabinets are gone, so are the days where financial transactions were recorded in notebooks and ledgers with paper and pen. Instead, most financial transactions utilize computers, and computers depend on electricity. If power is lost and financial institutions have no backup option, closure may be the only option. 

Learn More About Commercial Generators and Generator Installation Today

The vast majority of businesses in Illinois and Indiana can benefit from standby generator installation, even small mom-and-pop shops. A generator means an improved chance that you’ll be able to keep doing business, even if the lights are out for everyone else. 

To learn more about generator installation and the services that our team offers, connect with us by phone or online today. We offer free estimates on all new installation projects. 

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