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What Causes Power Outages?




What Causes Power Outages?

Posted on:27 Feb, 2023 / Posted In: Generator Installation

While your family definitely knows the results of a power outage and feels the effects as they impact your daily life and activities, what is often behind the outage itself? 

Here we delve into some of the top reasons that your power can go out and how to stay prepared and safe.

Weather is No. 1: Not surprisingly, most power outages are caused by inclement weather that affects grids and systems. This can range from wind blowing down power lines and lightning striking transformers to snow storms or ice weighing down lines. 

Vehicle accident: If there has been a car wreck in our area that results in utility poles getting hit or other equipment getting struck, the grid in that area can be affected. This type of power outage can come out of nowhere as you will not be aware of anything occurring or preparing due to a storm warning or watch.

Equipment problems: Sometimes things just stop working and that can happen to anything at any time, including transformers, insulators, cables, wires and other complex equipment. 

Downed trees: Beyond weather affecting trees and limbs, older trees that have aged or are disease can fall on their own and impact your power if they cause damage to equipment.

Wild critters: Birds, squirrels and other vermin can chew through wires or try to make nests in equipment or components spurring outages.

Energy overload: Super hot days when everyone is running fans, air conditioners, pool pumps and more may prompt an outage for a grid overload. Excessive demand has huge effects on power outages.

Unintentional damage: Unfortunately, when there are construction projects around utility poles, there can be accidents with large equipment that can cause issues. Excavators and digging can ding underground lines. Homeowners doing yardwork or do-it-yourself projects can also hit lines. Make sure you call to find out where buried components are before you begin your project. If you do hit any lines, keep people away and call your utility company promptly to prevent any injuries.

Plan for upgrades: Some power outages may be planned by your utility company when work or upgrades are occurring. You should receive notice of these types of projects in advance to plan for what to do when your power is out. 

Have Your Power on StandBy

The random and unexpected power outage can be stressful for your family. Our crew members at Generator Technologies can help alleviate your fears by installing a new home standby generator or helping you select one to have put into place outside your home. Our team can take care of the whole process by assisting with your decision on what model or series is the right fit for your home or installing the unit that you have purchased yourself. If you need maintenance or repairs over the lifetime of your generator, our team is available to help. Contact us through our online contact form

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