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Why Is the Guardian Series a Good Option for Me? 




Why Is the Guardian Series a Good Option for Me? 

Posted on:16 Apr, 2022 / Posted In: About

When choosing a home standby generator to keep your family safe and the lights on in the event of an outage, you have a lot of options. Things to consider include how much power you want, your budget, and additional features—like how quiet a generator is. For many homeowners throughout Illinois, the Guardian Series by Generac is a great option. Here’s what you should know about the Guardian Series, as well as how Generator Technologies Inc. can help you select the right model for you and handle 100 percent of the installation. 

What’s So Great About the Guardian Series?

The Guardian Series by Generac is one of the most popular types of standby generators for home and small businesses. In fact, over 80 percent of families and businesses have chosen the Generac Guardian Series. Here are some things to love about the Guardian Series:

  • 24/7 backup automatic power
  • System turns itself on—completely hands-free that kicks on as soon as it senses a loss of power
  • Competitively designed engine that is designed to last longer than competitors’ models
  • One of the quietest models of generator on the market today—the Quiet-TestTM mode will do a self-test on a weekly basis that is much quieter than other brands
  • These generators consume less fuel than other generators of a similar size and design, which makes them more fuel-efficient and more environmentally friendly
  • These generators are easy to install and maintain, making them a more attractive option for homeowners looking for minimal maintenance demands

How Generator Technologies Inc. Can Help

At Generator Technologies Inc., we can help you decide what type of generator is the best option for you. We know that the amount of options can be overwhelming—we are here to help! Not only will we help you determine what size of generator you need, but we’ll also guide you through different brands and features. We can also manage installation of your generator, including performing a pre-site inspection, full installation and testing, and post-installation clean-up. We also perform maintenance and repair services

Call Generator Technologies Inc. Today

To learn more about Generator Technologies Inc. and our services for generator repair and installation, as well as why the Generac Guardian Series might be the best choice for your home standby generator, call us today. You can also reach us online by using the contact form on our website to send us a message. We look forward to working with you!

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