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Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Cheapest Generator Out There 




Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Cheapest Generator Out There 

Posted on:09 Jun, 2020 / Posted In: Generac

If you’re a frugal person who considers yourself to be budget-savvy, then saving money wherever possible is probably a top priority. While this generally may be a good idea, there are some things that you don’t want to skimp on, even if it means paying a little bit more than you’d like – in the long run, it is often well worth the upfront cost to buy a higher-quality product. A standby generator is one such idea where buying cheap is typically the wrong idea. 

A Cheap Generator Likely Won’t Last as Long

One of the most pressing reasons not to buy a cheap generator just because it’s cheap is that doing so may mean you need to buy a new generator sooner than you’d like. Like most cheap things, low-cost generators are often poorly made, which may mean that it will break down sooner than a higher-quality, more expensive generator would. It may save you money, time, and hassle in the long run to purchase a better generator in the first place. 

Customer Support May Be Lacking

Another reason that you shouldn’t buy the cheapest generator that you can find is that if you do so, you may not get the same warranty and customer support services that you would otherwise benefit from. By purchasing a generator from a trusted company, chances are that a) you’ll be getting a higher-quality generator, and b) you’ll likely get on-going customer support and related services from that company. Again, this can mean saving money and time in the long-run. 

Your Operating Costs May Be Higher

Not only may you have to spend more money after installation on repair, replacement, and various servicing expenses related to your cheap generator, but you may also face higher operating expenses. Newer, higher-quality standby generators are more efficient, which means that they use less energy to perform the same amount of work – this means more money saved, not to mention reduced emissions! 

It May Not Be Reliable When You Need it Most

The number one reason to buy a standby generator is to ensure that your generator will kick on and provide electricity to your home or business in the event of a blackout. If it fails, then its entire purpose is defeated. In order to secure peace of mind that your standby generator will indeed work, you should invest in a high-quality generator with a reputable brand name, plain and simple.

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