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Kohler Standby Generator System

Kohler® Residential Power – Life Without Interruption

The  Kohler® difference stands out tremendously when considering a residential generator.  Since the 1920’s, Kohler has been producing home standby generators, emergency residential generators, and backup power units and devices. When the Kohler Automatic Power & Light was introduced as the world’s first-ever automatic generator that was engine-driven in 1920, Kohler has been able to provide electricity to houses, recreational vehicles, factories, boats, and in many other forms, not only in the United States but also around the entire world.  Kohler has the passion for providing and delivering pure, consistent, and reliable power wherever and whenever it is needed. Kohler Power Professionals continue to offer the best solutions that are innovative, along with uncompromising customer support and service with an unmatched confidence in the generator industry.
Automatic Power Exactly When You Need It.

What it Means to be on: Kohler Generators bring Automatic Power… right when you need it.

As a homeowner, backup electricity can mean the difference between staying home or moving out temporarily. When you own a Kohler commercial-grade residential generator system,  an emergency residential generator, or a home standby generator, you have a powerful ally by your side when the electricity goes out – power to live your life without any interruption.

The Benefits of a Residential Standby Generator

  • Clean and pure power for sensitive and expensive home electronics and appliances.
  • Fast hands-free power to get your life back up and running in almost no time.
  • Reliable and consistent backup power to make certain your life and day go on despite a utility power outage.

It isn’t just the power that’s turned on; it’s our business community, too. Kohler has a vast service network that is committed to excellent support, guaranteeing your backup electric power solutions are ready when you need them the most.

Kohler Is Always On Top Of It. You Know You Will Have The Power You Need For Your Family, When You Need It.

The Advantage of Standby Power

There are many reasons why our customers choose to add a standby backup power generator to their home. The reasoning is simpler than you would think.  Most homes are very busy places.  A commercial-grade residential Kohler standby home generator will keep things humming seamlessly by providing unparalleled protection when unexpected power failures occur.  Available with an option to choose from 8.5 to 100kW in output capabilities, our Kohler home standby generators give you worry-free backup emergency power to give the electrical support your home will need for days, and sometimes even weeks. The quiet and clean automatic backup generator power is exactly what you and your family needs in order to be comfortable and safe.

Hands-free Automatic Operation

When an event such as a utility power failure and outage occurs, the transfer switch in your Kohler standby system works in tandem with your generator – which will start the generator automatically, restoring electricity to your home, regardless if you’re home or not.

Backup Power That Is Lightning Fast

Your Kohler residential standby generator will restore power to your home in around 10 seconds after the outage occurs.

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