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5 Things to Do When the Power Goes Out

Even if you haven’t bought a trusty standby generator for when the power goes out, there are ways you can make your life easier when the power does go out. While losing your lights can be a real shock for…

16 Apr, 2019 / Generator Installation

Preparing for Spring Storms

When the winter temperatures finally break, there’s nothing quite like going outside in a tee-shirt for the first time. Spring is the season where we finally come out of our hibernation, getting rid of all the junk we’ve accrued over…

02 Apr, 2019 / Generator Installation

Got Backup Power?

Everyone is talking about how storms seem more fierce nowadays. For instance, hurricanes are now impacting inland as much as the coastline. In the Midwest, tornadoes and high winds have become very common in the Spring and drought is prevalent…

11 Dec, 2018 / About

Check Your Electric System Before Your Standby Generator Installation

Before your standby generator is installed in your home, be sure to check your electrical system before the installation date. Humans use many electrical appliances, such as the phone charger, the hair dryer, the refrigerator, and the washer. Some appliances,…

27 Nov, 2018 / Generator Installation

What is a Standby Generator?

A standby generator provides electricity when your home or office’s power line goes down. The standby generator is programmed to know when power is not working and automatically kicks on to send the electricity to the home or office circuits.…

11 Sep, 2018 / Our Blog

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in a Standby Generator?

The weather in the Midwest has become more extreme. Lately there are strong winds and tornados to deal with on a regular basis. Weather wreaks havoc in communities, with downed power lines and power outages. A standby generator from Generator…

06 Sep, 2018 / Our Blog

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