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Category: Home Tips

How Much Power Do You Actually Need? How to Determine the Best Size Generator for Your Home

If you’re going to invest in a standby generator for your home or business, it’s important that you know what size of generator you actually need; residential standby generators come in numerous sizes. At Generator Technologies Inc., our team is…

26 Jul, 2021 / Generac

What Is the Perfect Location for a Home Generator? 

If you’ve decided to purchase a home generator, congratulations! You’re taking the first steps towards emergency preparedness and improved comfort and wellbeing in the event of a blackout. But before you dive head-first into the installation phase of things, it’s…

12 Jul, 2021 / Generac

Summer Storm Preparedness Tips 

If you live in Indiana or Illinois, summer storms are something you’re all too familiar with. While summer storms can be enchanting and beautiful, some storms in the midwest can be severe. Lightning, high winds, and hail are all very…

28 Jun, 2021 / Electrical

Five Golden Rules of Electrical Safety 

Working around electricity can be incredibly dangerous and is always a job that’s best left to a professional. At Generator Technologies Inc., we want you and our electrical contractors to be safe. Consider these five golden rules of electrical safety,…

14 Jun, 2021 / Electrical

Why Installing a Generator Should By Your Next Home Project 

If you’re looking for a project to keep you busy, installing a residential standby generator is one of the best investments of time and money that you can make. Regardless of where you live, this home project is perfect for…

25 May, 2021 / Generac

Proper Generator Safety Measures 

With extreme weather events increasing in severity and frequency, it seems as though power outages are becoming more and more common nationwide. While having a standby generator on one’s property can be a great way to ensure that the lights…

11 May, 2021 / Generac

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